Sale of delphai to Intapp [NASDAQ – INTA]

February 24, 2024   •   3 min

Airbridge is pleased to announce a significant milestone for our second fund: the successful sale of delphai, our first exit in this fund, has been officially signed. Our investment in delphai, based in Berlin, was initiated on May 30, 2023, marking a strategic move towards supporting innovative technology-driven companies.

The acquirer, Intapp [NASDAQ: INTA], recognizes the substantial strategic value in delphai’s capabilities. delphai specializes in collecting firmographics data at scale and leveraging fully automated, AI-driven verification processes. This acquisition underscores the alignment between delphai’s expertise in data analytics and Intapp’s mission to provide industry-specific, cloud-based solutions to enhance professional and financial services firms’ operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Intapp’s interest in delphai stems from the unique value of delphai’s data, which enhances Intapp’s offerings by integrating deep market insights and analytics, thereby facilitating more informed decision-making and strategic planning for their clients.

We are exceptionally pleased with this outcome, especially considering our relatively short investment duration of just nine months with delphai. This acquisition exemplifies the importance of seizing opportunities at the right moment, a principle that has guided our decision to capitalize on this opportune juncture.

This successful exit validates our investment strategy and sets a positive precedent for the future of our second fund. We look forward to sharing more successes in the future.

For more information, you can take a look at the official press release: