Airbridge Equity Partners invests in Campercontact

December 15, 2023   •   2 min

We are proud to share Airbridge Equity Partners’ latest venture into the motorhome industry with our investment in Campercontact, the leading European platform dedicated to connecting motorhome enthusiasts with the best campsites and brands.


Campercontact is not just a platform; it’s a thriving community where B2C interactions foster a robust review environment for motorhome campsites and a B2B booking platform where stays can be organized and campsites can boost their revenue. Additionally, it serves as an ideal advertising space for brands aiming to reach a dedicated audience.


With a total of 1.2 million users and 106K monthly active users generating over 700K reviews and 395K images, CamperContact has established a solid base. And the road ahead promises even more growth. We are geared to expand B2B revenue streams, enhance the Book & Pay platform, and open new advertising opportunities for brands like Garmin.


This investment heralds a new chapter for Campercontact,” says Jorian Keij, CEO of Campercontact. “We believe that the best motorhome adventures begins with reliable and accessible information. The extensive network, capital, and market know-how of Airbridge Equity Partners enable us to accelerate our plans and further expand this promise.”


Robin Rensen, Investment Director at Airbridge Equity Partners, comments on the investment: “Building a community is not just time-consuming and valuable, but oftentimes also the only way to provide the solutions that all users of Campercontact put in their joint efforts for. This active community, and a passionate team, will enable Campercontact to set the standard for the future of motorhome travels. With the innovative roadmap, motorhome site owners will also increasingly be involved in this community and all the solutions that are subsequently produced by it.”


As we park our investment in CamperContact, we’re not just investing in a platform; we’re investing in a lifestyle that resonates with freedom, adventure, and community. We’re on a journey to revolutionize the motorhome industry, and we invite you to buckle up and join us on this exciting ride.


Stay tuned for more updates on this journey with CamperContact, and download the app now via the App Store or the Google Play Store.