June 28, 2022   •   3 min

Amsterdam, 28/6/2022

With great pride, we want to let you know that GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) has acquired our portfolio company

In February 2020, Airbridge invested in the then newly rebranded Amsterdam-based company which until just before was called Undeveloped.Reza Sardeha (CEO & founder) ensured that could realize a leading, innovative role within the internet domain name industry through our investment.

The introduction of the ‘lease-to-own (LTO)’ business model provided an impressive growth acceleration. Many partnerships with leading parties have also been established relatively quickly.

When Reza executed his disruptive vision of building and deploying the first advanced open domain distribution network, DAN became a challenging player on a global level. And that did not go unnoticed.‘s power of innovation will gain even greater leverage under the wings of global market leader GoDaddy.

We have enjoyed working with Reza and his team for the past 2.5 years and are very proud that we have fully realized the strategy that was put into place, resulting in this successful exit.

Press release

Press release GoDaddy