Echo Analytics acquires !

November 22, 2023   •   2 min

On this momentous Election Day in the Netherlands, we at Airbridge Equity Partners are happy to announce another exit from our portfolio. Echo Analytics, based in Paris and founded by Sebastien Rigogne and Adam Ejsmont, has acquired (Amsterdam) a promising venture from our first fund., established by Manoj Adithya (Amsterdam) and Jothi Pryadharshan in Bangalore, has been at the forefront of providing battery-efficient, accurate, and reliable location solutions for mobile applications through its innovative SDKs and APIs. This pioneering approach by represents a strategic alignment with Echo Analytics, renowned for its cutting-edge provision of insight-ready geospatial data. The synergy between‘s advanced location solutions technology and Echo’s expertise in geospatial data analysis marks a significant technological stride.

Furthermore, the successful sale of marks the fifth exit from our first fund at Airbridge Equity Partners, following the successful exits of The Data Appeal Company (IT), Knowingo (NL), (NL), and Smartlook (CZ). This achievement underscores our commitment to fostering groundbreaking technology ventures and our capability to steer our portfolio companies toward substantial growth and successful exits.

We want to thank the complete team in the Netherlands and Bangalore for their fantastic dedication. We congratulate Echo Analytics and and look forward to the innovative developments this new partnership will bring to the location-based technology sector.