Wonderkind turns the entire internet into an AI based recruitment platform that knows, when, where and how to attract top talent by turning passive talent into active applicants based on their online behaviour, and hyper-targets them with the right job ads on social media, Google and beyond
Sell your products on multiple online marketplaces at the same time through one e-commerce integration. Increase your online presence and outsmart your competition by attracting a bigger audience and using advanced business rules and pricing engines.
WeMarket is the world’s first service to sell easily to your existing business or personal community. Without the obligation to sell publicly. Inviting your community is possible through all existing platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, e-mail, Whatsapp, Twitter etc
Travel Appeal collects all travel industry data worldwide and turns it into intelligent and actionable insights for businesses. Travel Appeal gives you context, discerning insights and performance improvement suggestions based on the entire scenario of a destination.
Built on Geospark’s AI-driven location tracking platform, this technology enables a 90% decrease in battery drain from your mobile phone. Our location tracking system was built with simplicity at the forefront, so building location-based apps is easy.
Knowingo+ helps you make learning fun, rewarding and effective, filling dangerous knowledge gaps, saving you millions in lost productivity and allowing employees to spend more time doing what they do best.
Clear Out, Cash in. Make easy money from your unused vintage items. Vintage Cash Cow is the biggest “digital pawn shop” in the UK. It’s a scalable online B2C vintage and precious metals trader, fully data-driven with a proven business model.
Most consumers no longer trust traditional advertising and a growing number of consumers don’t even see digital advertisements anymore. Join Marketing is Europe’s first AI based marketplace for influencers and advertisers to collaborate.
Join Marketing
Moebel24 is the new category killer in home products. Using vertical search engines, they are creating the world’s largest furniture showroom. Started in Germany as and currently expanding internationally under the Hometiger brand.
Always order the correct size shows online! Get an instant online size advice by creating an exact 3D scan of your feet with the app. 3D’s exclusive world-wide licensed algorithm matches your feet to the right size shoes. Less returns, higher online conversion and customer satisfaction.
3D aboutme
Helping small business grow online by giving them meaningful up-to-date online presence with all relevant channels. UENI revolutionises the process to go online to less than 48 hrs, collects offline & unstructured business data, standardises it into category-level identification and offers and end-to-end solution.
Tifosy helps sports clubs raise funds online by connecting them with a global fan and investor base. They are the clear market leader in sports crowdfunding, having worked with more than 15 major professional sports clubs. They offer fans and investors the opportunity to invest in sports clubs through equity, debt or rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns.
Cel-fi offers the most advanced technology for boosting in-building cellular coverage. Nextivity offers practical, cost effective, simple solutions that can be installed in hours not months.