Airbridge Equity Partners invests in Wonderkind

Airbridge  Equity Partners (AEP) has acquired a minority stake in the Dutch scale-up Wonderkind, the fast-growing HR-tech company from Amsterdam that focuses on matching passive talent and employers through innovative software. Wonderkind,  founded in 2015 as, turns the entire internet into a recruitment platform with their technology that reaches talent open for new career opportunities but not actively looking for a job.

In the current labour  market the majority of job seekers aren’t actively looking for a job. Only 20% are actively searching, but in specific industries like IT and engineering, this number drops below 10%. As a result, employers are missing out on talent by advertising on traditional  recruitment platforms like job boards. Wonderkind’s technology – combining artificial intelligence and hyper-targeting – reaches both active and passive job seekers by enticing them through employer branding and vacancies on apps, websites, social media and  email. This leads to better candidates at a lower cost by utilising recruitment campaigns that are spread across the internet in a manner of minutes.

Wonderkind will double  their revenue in 2018, without increasing their number of employees. In 2017 sales were EUR 4M and in 2018 Wonderkind is on target to reach over EUR 8M in sales. At the beginning of 2018 Wonderkind was named one of the top 3 fastest growing tech companies  in the Netherlands (top 20 in Europe) by The Next Web and Adyen.

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