Partner - Build - Grow

Our Approach

Why Airbridge Equity Partners?

Our approach is to match experienced entrepreneurs with the founding teams of scalable, technology-driven ventures in the digital landscape, inject early stage and growth capital, and provide hands-on support from the Airbridge Equity Partners team. In addition, we leverage our substantial international contact base developed through a deep focus on the technology, media, telecom and digital sector.

Sector Focus

We focus on scalable technology-driven b2b or b2c companies with specific focus on:

- Marketplaces
- SaaS
- Internet & Digital Media
- Business & Financial Services
- Information Technology

Stage Focus

Our capital and expertise comes in the form of early stage and growth stage equity, (pre) series A, follow-on expansion capital, or venture debt, offering the ability to service a full CAP table over time.

Our ticket size varies from EUR 1M – 5M for initial funding with the ability to increase our total investment in Series A or B.

Geographic Focus

We are a European investment house based in the Mondriaantower in Amsterdam and focus primarily on companies that are built from Europe.

We currently have investments in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany,Italy and the United States.

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