Month: February 2020

AEP invests in

Airbridge Equity Partners (AEP) has acquired a minority stake in the Amsterdam based scale-up The Domain Automation Network was founded to resolve the existing & growing problems of the domain industry through process automation while aiming to invoke a change of the guards. 
The demand for available domains keeps increasing while the market isn’t getting organised more efficiently to cater to this increase in demand. Old processes, structures and business models still rule one of the first internet industries, and that confuses end-users.
DAN’s game-changing network allows making a change of control and ownership of digital domains easier, safer and instant. Their use of blockchain technology enables to automate processes required to provide trust-less domain transfers, also referred to as escrow. Escrow automation also makes it possible to introduce new domain purchases and use models like renting domains, lease to own & fractional domain ownership in a scalable and frictionless way. 
The company was founded as in 2014 by Reza Sardeha and changed its name to in early 2019.

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