Airbridge Equity Partners invests in Wonderkind

Airbridge  Equity Partners (AEP) has acquired a minority stake in the Dutch scale-up Wonderkind, the fast-growing HR-tech company from Amsterdam that focuses on matching passive talent and employers through innovative software. Wonderkind,  founded in 2015 as, turns the entire internet into a recruitment platform with their technology that reaches talent open for new career opportunities but not actively looking for a job.

In the current labour  market the majority of job seekers aren’t actively looking for a job. Only 20% are actively searching, but in specific industries like IT and engineering, this number drops below 10%. As a result, employers are missing out on talent by advertising on traditional  recruitment platforms like job boards. Wonderkind’s technology – combining artificial intelligence and hyper-targeting – reaches both active and passive job seekers by enticing them through employer branding and vacancies on apps, websites, social media and  email. This leads to better candidates at a lower cost by utilising recruitment campaigns that are spread across the internet in a manner of minutes.

Wonderkind will double  their revenue in 2018, without increasing their number of employees. In 2017 sales were EUR 4M and in 2018 Wonderkind is on target to reach over EUR 8M in sales. At the beginning of 2018 Wonderkind was named one of the top 3 fastest growing tech companies  in the Netherlands (top 20 in Europe) by The Next Web and Adyen.

Airbridge Equity Partners invest in Travel Appeal Series A

The Series A round was subscribed by Indaco Ventures I and Airbridge Equity Partners.

Travel Appeal, the startup specialized in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for professionals in the Travel Industry, has closed a new capital increase worth 3 million euros.

The new funds will be used for the further development of technology and the acceleration of the internationalization process. Today, the Travel Appeal artificial intelligence solution is implemented by over 4 thousand customers throughout Europe, including hotels, restaurants, museums, retail and entire destinations. Travel Appeal’s goal is to increase the network of users and operates in countries involved in leisure and business tourism, with a diffused presence throughout Europe and in driving markets, such as Dubai. Travel Appeal aims to double the turnover year on year and exceed €25 million by 2021.

“This round marks a decisive stage and allows us to face the challenge of the most mature international markets much quicker with our unique and constantly updated technology”, said Mirko Lalli, CEO of Travel Appeal. “In these four years Travel Appeal has grown exponentially, in the coming months we will be engaged in a tight schedule to impose ourselves as a partner of reference for tourism operators in Europe and beyond.”

Travel Appeal, founded by Mirko Lalli in 2014 with the help of H-FARM, has developed its own Artificial Intelligence solution that collects and analyzes online travel data in real time, transforming that data into updated and immediately applicable strategies. These strategies are targeted for tourism operators to improve their online positioning and reputation, with a consequent positive impact on turnover and business operations. All this translates into a product designed in different ways of use and with different functionalities. Today the entire Travel Appeal ecosystem (Dashboard, API and App) is able to monitor, every year, the web reputation and digital strategies of over 1 million properties among hotels, restaurants, museums and retail. Travel Appeal has a total of 4 offices, two in Italy – Florence and Treviso – one in Amsterdam and one in London, and employs 30 people.

Geospark & Airbridge Equity Partners

AMSTERDAM; GeoSpark is one of the fastest growing developer platforms working on a energy efficient location tracking technology with 90% less battery drain for iOS and Android, today announced that it raised €500K. This Seed round was done by Airbridge Equity Partners, an Amsterdam based technology venture capital firm.

“Location has become a core fundamental feature where developers and companies are making apps more specific to where you are so you spend more time using the app,” Manoj Adithya, GeoSpark’s founder and CEO, states. At GeoSpark we have a built a cutting-edge, user friendly location tracking platform that we are putting in the hands of every iOS and Android developer. GeoSpark lets developers do more with location.

GeoSpark uses a combination of location sensors like GPS, Assisted GPS and Network to provide location information and with the help of motion sensors, GeoSpark can predict the mode of transportation of the user like walking, running, cycling, tram, car, bus, train, boat and flight.

GeoSpark stores and analyzes historical location data for each user. GeoSpark learns each user’s (only after user’s consent) approximate home and office locations based on the size, location, and time distribution of clusters. GeoSpark generates events when a user enters or exits frequently visited places and predicts how often he visits and his next visit and approximately how long he would spend in a location.

GeoSpark geofencing is more powerful than native iOS or Android geofencing, with cross-platform support for unlimited geofences, polygon geofences, and stop detection. GeoSpark’s Near-Real-Time Venue Detection API identifies venues currently being visited by mobile users. The API analyses location coordinates, Wi-Fi and bluetooth-beacon scans, collected by the SDK and converts it to venue details, in near-real-time.

GeoSparks’s AI and ML features include Car Location Detection, Frequent places detection, Geo-Grouping, User Behavior prediction and Crowd Sourced Parking network.

Rick van Boekel (partner at Airbridge Equity Partners) says: “It’s very annoying when you’re using a great app and notice your battery is draining faster than ever. GeoSpark has developed high-end technology to preserve battery power when using location-based services by smartly combing satellite information with the sensors of your mobile device. AI is used to improve performance every day and therefore creating a new era for using location-based services and gathering more geo-based information. You have to see it to believe it!

We invested in GeoSpark because we genuinely believe location-based services are becoming more critical in everyday life and the primary constraint of using these kinds of services is because it usually kills your battery. Many companies are focussing on improving the battery capacity (solving the effect), but GeoSpark has reinvented the way location-based services can work in a much more efficient way to solve the cause.”

About GeoSpark

Launched in February 2018, GeoSpark is an AI-driven location tracking technology (SDK) with 90% less battery drain for iOS and Android. The developer platform hosts more than 450 Apps serving over 1.2 Million users. With offices in Amsterdam, Bengaluru and an office opening in the US, GeoSpark currently employs a team of 12 people. GeoSpark graduated from the Rockstart’s AI Accelerator program from Amsterdam.


Airbridge Equity Partners and a small number of informal investors will be investing more than 2 million euros in Knowingo+ in exchange for a minority interest. Knowingo+ plans to use the investment to accelerate its current growth and expand internationally.

The new platform for Corporate Learning

Knowingo+ is an online learning platform that gets employees learning in a fun way, any time, any place, right on their smartphones. In just a few minutes a day Knowingo+ ensures employees have all the knowledge they need to do their job well.

Ever since winning the Accenture Innovation Award, Knowingo+ has seen wider and wider adoption in the market. The platform is being used at companies such as PostNL, VodafoneZiggo and Rentokil, but also government services like the SVB and IL&T, to help employees master the knowledge they need to excel at their jobs. One of the keys to this rapid growth is the fact that Knowingo+ is a turnkey solution, that can often be implemented in just a few weeks.

Loren Roosendaal, CEO of Knowingo+: “It is amazing to see the results that customers achieve with Knowingo+. By using the power of gamification and self-learning artificial intelligence, we not only make learning fun, but we also make it measurable and reliable. Thanks to this new investment we can help more and more companies, in the Netherlands, but also internationally, to solve their biggest corporate learning challenges with Knowingo+.”

Rick van Boekel, Partner at Airbridge Equity Partners: “Knowingo+ offers a unique solution in a world where the level of knowledge of employees is becoming more crucial for the success of organizations every day. The Knowingo+ platform enables companies to get employees learning in a fun way via their smartphones. We believe it is only a matter of time until entire industries will switch to the innovative and proven approach that Knowingo+ offers.”

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